Just as you thought Women on TOP was over for another year… TAKE THREE   has already began with a BANG!. Hillz FM are collaborating with us which equals –Women on TOP of the Hillz! This pioneering project will take the  art form of a radio play that will be broadcast over the second week in November which is indeed Peace Week!

Life in Peaces explores the theme of Peace and War through the experiences of Women. Women on Top will have the opportunity to work with Dj’s Kate Hills and Mandy Devit and learn about the world of radio and sound engineering in Radio Plays. We are going places and on top of the Hillz the view doesn’t get any better.

Reena nominated to carry the Olympic Flame in the London 2012 Olympic

Reena working in a Orphanage

Nominated by former Head Teacher Andy Summers in the arts and Culture Category

‘’Reena is an inspiration to many young people across the cultural and artistic world contributing at a West midland, a national and an international level with her infectious enthusiasm and constant work for her Arts initiative –Caste Away Arts. As its name implies, this theatrically based organisation has focussed on the global issues raised by Caste Discrimination and Reena has carried her positive international perspective through performance art and activity to diverse groups within the West Midlands and to challenged communities in South-east Asia. A few words here cannot do justice to the value of her work or the key reasons why she would be a worthy torch bearer, embodying the true Olympic spirit and inspiring so many young people across the world. Reena also works with vulnerable women. Her contribution to the 2012 vision would enhance the whole’’

Reena Jaisiah says:

”Carrying the Olymoic torch for Britain would be a honour and set a very good example for the young people and who knows I might be able to motivate more people to be involved in sports. I am touched not only by Andy’s nominations but others too. I had the privilege to work with Andy when he managed a PRU and I know from experience how engaging sports are and how they can impact the lives of young people in a very constructive and positive way.  Thank you so much. So hope I get through but would really have to start working hard to build up my stamina”

The Challenge meet Release UK

The Challenge (www.the-challenge.org) are a registered charity that work with young people- 15-16 year olds offering them opportunities to give back to communities like Release UK.  A few months ago I met the wonderful buzzing team of young people from the challenge who faced with the ultimate challenge.  To take on Release UK’s our creative enrichment learners.  I know how difficult it has been getting Release UK out of their comfort zones. It’s taken me almost a year to get a noise about of them. The young people at The Challenge planned a session built around this. Dance was what they chose in order to build this bridge.  They planned a session of various popular western music to get Release to release their inhibitions.  Did this work? YES IT DID. The session was an absolute success even the Mums joined in- how embarrassing! No wonder Karthik wanted run away! Nindan busted some groovey, Umai nailed it and Leshanth broke a world record of not mentioning science once! Release wants you back real soon. We did some musical statues and chairs (Yeah The GIRLS won) had a good prance around to the Macarena and good old YMCA! Loved it! Thank you so much to those who lead this session. You have inspired us so much and hope we have taught you a few moves or two.

Reena Jaisiah – Release UK Project Leader

Release UK on the Hillz

Hey you’re tuning back into the world of Release UK. It’s been a long time but the Release UK is still at it! Even in the summer holidays! Three members of our cohort, Leshanth, Nivetha and Nithisa got the opportunity to visit Hillz FM radio! They were super on air and said such inspiring things about their club Release UK. A special thanks for all the nice worlds they said about me leading the group. It had me and DJ Kate Hills on the brink of tears.

They were so fab good on air that Kate Hills has invited them for another slot to give them a real insight into the radio world. Coventry DJ Asha Banton has also been mentoring this group and will shortly be delivering one-to-one be DJ sessions and inviting the best back onto his show with some air time! Rock n’ Roll!

Reena Jaisiah

WOMEN on Top! Mirror Madness!



Following the huge success of our production of ‘Midnight Bluebells Ring Out Loudly’ during International Women’s Week, Kairos WWT and Caste Away Arts’s collaborative project – Women on Top have done it again!

‘Mirror Madness’ was performed on Friday 29th July, 2011 to a packed and lively audience. This absurd piece was devised by Women on TOP inspired by the women’s own inanimate objects being sprung to life in writing workshops led by writing workshop leader Jen Bakewell! Mirror Madness is a fantasy tale of bitter revenge and unrequited love! There are a few bad songs (actually they were fab), magic spells, twins who are poles apart, a bird and filthy mirror. Does this make any sense? Well it’s not supposed to its theatre of the absurd!

This show was so uplifting and inspiring despite having just under a week to get it all together. A huge well-done to everyone involved, the cast, the volunteers and project workers!  A reaped performance is on the cards and more exciting project that celebrates the voices of women in theatre. A massive thank you to Kairos WWT who have accommodated and produced this project and allowed it to flourish to the success it has become. This is what you get when women unite and work together.  WOMEN ON TOP!

Reena Jaisiah

Women On Top Take Two!

Yes we are back on top! The Women on Top project all kicked off this week but this time it’s tougher than ever! Due to popularity and demand after the first success we decided to create Take Two and stretch these women a little further. This project will run over an intensive week workshop.   

Do these ladies have what it takes to devise a piece of theatre based on object stimulus? The heat on and the pressure is… What pressure? they only have a week to write, devise and PERFORM…

CasteWatchUK Conference on 2nd July 2011

As an going campaign to root out caste based discrimination from British Society, CasteWatchUK is holding a conference “Caste & Equality Act 2010 – Next Steps” on Saturday 2nd July in Coventry. This conference aims to consider “Equality Act 2010 & Next Steps” so that British Society can continue to provide a free environment for its to live their lives with pride & dignity and basic human rights of all the British Citizens continue to get protection from British Law.

Please email info@castewatchuk.org if you wish to attend.

Successful Seminar in Manchester

Sorry for the delay in posting this. Last Friday we spoke at a seminar on Dalit Cultural production in the UK which took place at Manchester Met University. All the speakers were really interesting. Annapurna Waughray, Senior Lecturer at MMU School of Law gave an excellent introduction into the making caste discrimination illegal in this country. Poet Daljit Khankhana talked about the ideas behind his poems, his passion for figting caste discrimination really came out. Meena Varma, Director of Dalit Solidarity Network UK, gave an incredibly eye opening talk about the way caste still affects peoples lives in India. She showed a film called “I’m A Dalit, How Are You?”, it was uncomfortable viewing and exposed the plight of Dalit women in India and how many still clean human waste for a living. Also it showed the hypocrisy of some higher caste men who think Dalits are dirty and will avoid physical contact with them, but think nothing of sexually abusing Dalit girls. We want to help and it’s on our agenda for the future. There is so much still to do to ger rid of this social evil, caste discrimination. One step at a time.

Caste Away Arts at Manchester Met Uni…come join us!

Caste Away Arts are heading up north on 1st April for a seminar on Dalit Cultural production in the UK in the context of political and legal activism. We will be talking about our play The Fifth Cup and our other work.  We will also be taking part in a podium dsicussion about our work. Below is a programme of the day and who to get in touch with if you want to come:

Programme:       1-1.10 pm            Welcome and introduction: Annapurna Waughray, Senior Lecturer, MMU School of

Law and Nicole Thiara, Associate Lecturer in English at MMU

1.10-1.35              The international struggle against caste discrimination: Meena Varma, Director, Dalit Solidarity Network UK

1.35-2pm             The Equality Act 2010 and the inclusion of caste in UK discrimination law: Annapurna Waughray

2-2.45                    Daljit Khankhana talks about his work as a Dalit poet, film-maker and human rights activist. He is the author of the collections of poetry A Symbol of Unity, A Chapter of Life, A Fresh Touch and Two Different Angles.

3-3.30                    Reena Jaisiah and Rena Anobil talk about their play The Fifth Cup and their work for Caste Away Arts, the artistic wing of the charity CastewatchUK. The Fifth Cup, addressing the issues of caste and caste discrimination in the UK, was funded by the Arts Council and performed last year in a tour of arts venues across the UK.

3.30-4.30              Podium discussion: Daljit Khankhana, Rena Dipti Annobil and Reena Jaisiah in conversation with Annapurna Waughray, Nicole Thiara and Meena Varma

Admission is free. For further information, please contact Nicole Thiara at N.Thiara@mmu.ac.uk

Creative Enrichment Programme: RELEASE UK

Release UK met Coventry DJ and youth worker Asha Banton who spoke about growing up in a children’s home and the racism he faced.

Release UK is a community arts project that comprises of young people enjoying the enrichments of a bespoke programme held every weekend. Release UK’s workshops centre on youth led Drama, Citizenship, Assertiveness Training, Elocutions and studying popular British culture as a means of integration. Release UK is run at The Tamil Welfare Associations (TWA) weekend Arts and Academic school in the Midlands. TWA are proud to celebrate their Tamil heritage by teaching Tamil, Bharatanatyam classical dance, traditional Music and various Key stage subjects in the Tamil medium. Though this school educates some very academically gifted students, social skills often lag behind leaving youth lacking in confidence and unable to integrate like their counterparts. After holding a meeting with the TWA there was a strong desire from youth to peruse their creative calling and to embrace their British identity as well as their Tamil heritage.

The majority of the youth’s family fled Sri Lanka to evade war. There are young people however from the Indian subcontinent too but are all British citizens. Reena Jaisiah recently visited Sri Lanka and devoted time to war and tsunami affected orphans. In Sri Lanka Reena wanted to give something back; rather than throw money on the situation, but to improve the lives of those disaffected through arts. Reena’s experience in Sri Lanka left a lasting impression and Release UK is a continuation of the Caste Away Arts philosophy.  This programme is designed to build social bridges and improve learning through creativity and more importantly the youth are in a safe and conducive environment free from judgement and ridicule that they may face in school and society. This truly enables growth!  Release UK has proven to be a huge success and numbers are increasing each week and a second programme is the pipeline. Release UK are always looking for volunteers and workshops facilitators to offer something new. Please contact us on info@casteawayarts.com

Quotes from the Release UK members:

Rajan Kajda – age 14 – a young volunteer

Volunteering has made me realise I have a lot of give and I feel more confident 

Niveetha –  age 10

I love drama because it helps me understand life. Reena is a good leader and makes the sessions fun.

Ilakkiya-  age 7

I love drama it gives me energy!

Leshanth  – age 10

Release UK is brilliant! I like the game where you give everyone complements, it makes you feel positive. One thing I have learnt that it’s ok to make mistakes because if you don’t then you never learn.  

Muoortha  – age 10

It’s really good and these sessions help you respect one another.

Anupriya – age 13

The sessions provide everyone with a different perspective on life and we learn how to make ourselves heard. It’s a rare opportunity to talk about issues that we don’t usually get to talk about and we also learn professional drama skills. It’s amazing.

Caste Discrimination in Great Britain

Caste discrimination does exist in British Asian communities!…this is something that Caste Away Arts were well aware of but new government commisioned research has found evidence of caste discrimination at work and in education. This could be a step towards caste discrimation becoming illegal in Great Britain. Read more on CasteWatchUK’s website – http://www.castewatchuk.org/CWUK_Press_Release_16-12-2010.pdf

Also listen to the BBC Asian Network report on this issues, it features Caste Away Arts’ Reena Jaisiah and Davinder Prasad from CasteWatchUK. Here’s the link:


Rena A

The Diwali drama project with Sandwell Council

A retelling of the story of Diwali through drama and dance was performed by a selection of students from Holly Lodge School, Smethwick. This project was commissioned by Sandwell Leisure Trust and the workshops facilitated by Caste Away Arts. Reena Jaisiah fronted the project with the aid of volunteers Ravinder Karra and Christian Sadler. This intensive half term project was based on how these young people see Diwali.  Through their own research and teamwork, these talented youngsters devised and produced their own short play which was performed at the Public in West Bromwich last Sunday to a lively audience. The event had sold out! For the participants, this was their first brush with professional theatre and performance and they have taken away news skills and an impression that is long lasting.

Reena Jaisiah – Caste Away Arts

CasteWatchUK on BBC Asian Network

Caste was discussed in the daily debate on BBC Asian Network’s Nihal show on Tuesday.
Members of CWUK took part in the discussion about whether or not caste is relevant to Asians in the UK today.
Find out what what was said by listening online to the show – http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00tp566/Nihal_07_09_2010/

Drama and Story-telling Workshop at LEAD+ 2010

This morning  we presented a drama and story-telling workshop at LEAD+ 2010 on behalf of Caste Away Arts. In a beautiful countryside setting in Cheshunt Hertforshire, around 10 young British Indians explored their identity through short stories, poems and drama.
They had a chance to do something that was new to them and outside their comfort zone. Hopefully the skills they learnt today will help them think creatively when they approach challenges in their chosen careers. Most importantly they learnt how to write something in an engaging way. The way you put across your ideas has to be to the point, engaging and memorable, only then can you stand out from the crowd. Also they got an insight into eachothers ideas of identity with some beautiful and heart-touching poetry.
What really came across today is that many young British-Asians are confused about how to label themselves – are they British? or Indian? or English? or British-Indian? or British-Asian? and is it ok to support India in the cricket when they are playing against England?
These are the kind of questions myself and my friends used to ask ourselves and it seems like not much has changed….it may have become even more confusing! What we can be sure of though is that young “British-Asians” today are striving to be the best in their chosen paths in life and are going to make an amazing contribution to Britain. Maybe they should give themselves a break, take the best bits of both worlds and concentrate on just being themselves.

Caste Away Arts team