CasteWatchUK on BBC Asian Network

Caste was discussed in the daily debate on BBC Asian Network’s Nihal show on Tuesday.
Members of CWUK took part in the discussion about whether or not caste is relevant to Asians in the UK today.
Find out what what was said by listening online to the show –

Drama and Story-telling Workshop at LEAD+ 2010

This morning  we presented a drama and story-telling workshop at LEAD+ 2010 on behalf of Caste Away Arts. In a beautiful countryside setting in Cheshunt Hertforshire, around 10 young British Indians explored their identity through short stories, poems and drama.
They had a chance to do something that was new to them and outside their comfort zone. Hopefully the skills they learnt today will help them think creatively when they approach challenges in their chosen careers. Most importantly they learnt how to write something in an engaging way. The way you put across your ideas has to be to the point, engaging and memorable, only then can you stand out from the crowd. Also they got an insight into eachothers ideas of identity with some beautiful and heart-touching poetry.
What really came across today is that many young British-Asians are confused about how to label themselves – are they British? or Indian? or English? or British-Indian? or British-Asian? and is it ok to support India in the cricket when they are playing against England?
These are the kind of questions myself and my friends used to ask ourselves and it seems like not much has changed….it may have become even more confusing! What we can be sure of though is that young “British-Asians” today are striving to be the best in their chosen paths in life and are going to make an amazing contribution to Britain. Maybe they should give themselves a break, take the best bits of both worlds and concentrate on just being themselves.

Caste Away Arts team