CasteWatchUK Conference on 2nd July 2011

As an going campaign to root out caste based discrimination from British Society, CasteWatchUK is holding a conference “Caste & Equality Act 2010 – Next Steps” on Saturday 2nd July in Coventry. This conference aims to consider “Equality Act 2010 & Next Steps” so that British Society can continue to provide a free environment for its to live their lives with pride & dignity and basic human rights of all the British Citizens continue to get protection from British Law.

Please email if you wish to attend.

The God of Small Things

It’s been a while since we posted anything on here but we have been busy as usual and will post more info about future projects soon.

Meanwhile, this is a great video about caste prejudices in India, with clips from the film “Swades” starring Shah Rukh Khan and the book “The God of Small Things”. It also features a great classic Gurdaas Maan track. Please watch it.