WOT Monologues Triumph

WOT recieving their Women’s achievement award!

Internationals Women’s week 2012 went out with a BANG. With a candid, moving and heart filled performance from WOMEN on Top –  WOT Monologues!-Inspired by the eminent Vagina Monologues. WOT Monologues is a collection of women’s voices in Community Theatre.  Voices united with 11 women of diverse backgrounds and diverse bra sizes converged in a journey of self-discovery, uncovering hidden talents, building confidence and most importantly reviving SISTERHOOD in the 21st century.  The show was performed on 8th March at Warwick University to a packed and lively audience who heard our voices LOUD and CLEAR.  The Monologues performed were written by the women involved and for some this was their first brush with stage. It does indeed take real ‘ovaries’ as opposed to ‘ball’s to do this, so a huge well done to WOT.  You had to be there!  I felt these women deserved recognition for their commitment, enthusiasm and support so I announced that they had been awarded a Women’s Achievement Award as individuals by Coventry Women’s Forum. What a fabulous way to end the night! “One of the aims of this project was to elicit truthful narratives from the women through storytelling and improvisation workshops.  The thought of getting unadulterated narratives into the form of theatre I thought was going to be a massive challenge but this happened organically, there was little need for direction because you can never superpose the real life voices of women! Eventually we spill!  A wonderful journeys that was truly cathartic” Reena Jaisiah Reena Jaisiah

Creative Director of WOT