Finding a Voice Book re-launch @SOAS

Finding a Voice was first published in 1978 and was the winner of the Martin Luther King Memorial Prize that year. This book bears witness to the struggles and strife of South Asian women including violence of immigration, family, isolation, school life and marriage.   Amrit Wilson beautifully creates a platform not only for these unheard voices but for and social change! To open up about these issues was and is still a massive milestone because its not easy when at every corner there is barrage of oppression.  I wish I had a copy of this book as a child growing up in the 80s / 90s because I wouldn’t have felt so alone. But crap became the catalysts for my activism and I speak for all the accounts in the book.  This book has now be re published with a new chapter titles ‘In conversation with Finding a Voice: 40 years on’. I am honoured to have my story published in it because I am the daughter of a historical struggle and this is not only my story but the scorn of my fore-mothers. A dialogue that will continue  for all the some day daughters.

I was honoured to be invited to give a small talk at this beautiful gathering at SOAS, University of London .  It was an opportunity to share and hear stories from fellow warriors, poets and performer’s that have been through hurdles, barriers but refused to be silenced. Keep rocking!

My talk touched on unveiling cultural shame, silence and caste discrimination. The fight still goes on and we must  speak up. I am sick of hearing ‘it doesn’t happen to me”. If it affects one of my people it affects us all!

Please buy this book and become part of the change. Know yourself. Own your heritage. Embrace your struggle and indignation. Become one with women/ people because no story should ever be forgotten. Buy a copy on this link:

Amrit Willson much love and respect to you and thank you for this opportunity because you have given me a chance to inspire others and free up that little girl inside of me screaming to be heard .

”The beautiful lotus starts her life from mud ”