The Diwali drama project with Sandwell Council

A retelling of the story of Diwali through drama and dance was performed by a selection of students from Holly Lodge School, Smethwick. This project was commissioned by Sandwell Leisure Trust and the workshops facilitated by Caste Away Arts. Reena Jaisiah fronted the project with the aid of volunteers Ravinder Karra and Christian Sadler. This intensive half term project was based on how these young people see Diwali.  Through their own research and teamwork, these talented youngsters devised and produced their own short play which was performed at the Public in West Bromwich last Sunday to a lively audience. The event had sold out! For the participants, this was their first brush with professional theatre and performance and they have taken away news skills and an impression that is long lasting.

Reena Jaisiah – Caste Away Arts

3 thoughts on “The Diwali drama project with Sandwell Council

  1. The Diwali drama workshop was a fantastic experience to see young people using their own talents to portray what they see Diwali to be in their own ways and perform to a huge audience. I absolutely loved working with the young people, and would definitely do it again in the future. A BIG thank-you to Reena Jaisiah for letting me volunteer for this successful project! XxX

  2. The Diwali drama workshop was an amazing experience, working with young people and seeing through their eyes what Diwali means to them by showing their hidden talents. And performing it to a huge audience. I found it absolutely amazing and would definitely do this again in the near future. I would like to give a BIG thank-you to Reena Jaisiah and Vimla Prasad for asking me to volunteer. XxX

  3. Caste Away Arts should do more projects like this and promote equality through different cultures working together. Sounds like a great show!

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