Successful Seminar in Manchester

Sorry for the delay in posting this. Last Friday we spoke at a seminar on Dalit Cultural production in the UK which took place at Manchester Met University. All the speakers were really interesting. Annapurna Waughray, Senior Lecturer at MMU School of Law gave an excellent introduction into the making caste discrimination illegal in this country. Poet Daljit Khankhana talked about the ideas behind his poems, his passion for figting caste discrimination really came out. Meena Varma, Director of Dalit Solidarity Network UK, gave an incredibly eye opening talk about the way caste still affects peoples lives in India. She showed a film called “I’m A Dalit, How Are You?”, it was uncomfortable viewing and exposed the plight of Dalit women in India and how many still clean human waste for a living. Also it showed the hypocrisy of some higher caste men who think Dalits are dirty and will avoid physical contact with them, but think nothing of sexually abusing Dalit girls. We want to help and it’s on our agenda for the future. There is so much still to do to ger rid of this social evil, caste discrimination. One step at a time.

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