WOMEN on Top! Mirror Madness!



Following the huge success of our production of ‘Midnight Bluebells Ring Out Loudly’ during International Women’s Week, Kairos WWT and Caste Away Arts’s collaborative project – Women on Top have done it again!

‘Mirror Madness’ was performed on Friday 29th July, 2011 to a packed and lively audience. This absurd piece was devised by Women on TOP inspired by the women’s own inanimate objects being sprung to life in writing workshops led by writing workshop leader Jen Bakewell! Mirror Madness is a fantasy tale of bitter revenge and unrequited love! There are a few bad songs (actually they were fab), magic spells, twins who are poles apart, a bird and filthy mirror. Does this make any sense? Well it’s not supposed to its theatre of the absurd!

This show was so uplifting and inspiring despite having just under a week to get it all together. A huge well-done to everyone involved, the cast, the volunteers and project workers!  A reaped performance is on the cards and more exciting project that celebrates the voices of women in theatre. A massive thank you to Kairos WWT who have accommodated and produced this project and allowed it to flourish to the success it has become. This is what you get when women unite and work together.  WOMEN ON TOP!

Reena Jaisiah

4 thoughts on “WOMEN on Top! Mirror Madness!

  1. Mirror Madness wowed my socks off!!!! I was astonished at what these wonderful women had created in such a short space of time, both the stars of the show and those behind the scenes. Just goes to show what can be accomplished when people work together. Looking forward to keeping this project alive!!!! A big thank you to all involved for the inspiration you give!!

  2. I really enjoyed taking part in this show. I made some fantastic friends and have memories that will last forever. I am now taking the next steps in going to theatre school. WATCH THIS SPACE. Thank you.

  3. I enjoyed this. I found it hard to film while laughing. Love Reena’s beard and the singing was cool. The bird was also very good- my favourite out of the lot well done Women on Top

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