Release UK on the Hillz

Hey you’re tuning back into the world of Release UK. It’s been a long time but the Release UK is still at it! Even in the summer holidays! Three members of our cohort, Leshanth, Nivetha and Nithisa got the opportunity to visit Hillz FM radio! They were super on air and said such inspiring things about their club Release UK. A special thanks for all the nice worlds they said about me leading the group. It had me and DJ Kate Hills on the brink of tears.

They were so fab good on air that Kate Hills has invited them for another slot to give them a real insight into the radio world. Coventry DJ Asha Banton has also been mentoring this group and will shortly be delivering one-to-one be DJ sessions and inviting the best back onto his show with some air time! Rock n’ Roll!

Reena Jaisiah

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