Jazzy B ‘Guns & Guts are Made for Jatts’???


We just wanted to share with  you about a discussion on Asian Network yesterday. Bhangra artist Jazzy B performed at London Mela on sunday, wearing a jacket that had this embroidered on the back – ‘Guns and Guts are Made for Jatts’. Asian Network were asking if it was right of him to wear this at the family event. Jazzy B was on the show defending himself. He says he is Sikh and doesn’t believe in caste but is proud to be jatt. (Confused??!) There were obviously people who totally opposed this but an alarming number of people phoning in to support him and the slogan on his jacket! It is sad to see a talented artist like jazzy B polluting the Sikh Religion with caste. Sikhism is widely known   for promoting peace and harmony which was demonstrated so valiantly by Sikhs during the riots. What we also find very disturbing that his jacket slogan  is  promoting guns!  Bad move when so many of our youth look up to him as a role model

Listen to the show on http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b014v77v

Reena and Rena

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