The Challenge meet Release UK

The Challenge ( are a registered charity that work with young people- 15-16 year olds offering them opportunities to give back to communities like Release UK.  A few months ago I met the wonderful buzzing team of young people from the challenge who faced with the ultimate challenge.  To take on Release UK’s our creative enrichment learners.  I know how difficult it has been getting Release UK out of their comfort zones. It’s taken me almost a year to get a noise about of them. The young people at The Challenge planned a session built around this. Dance was what they chose in order to build this bridge.  They planned a session of various popular western music to get Release to release their inhibitions.  Did this work? YES IT DID. The session was an absolute success even the Mums joined in- how embarrassing! No wonder Karthik wanted run away! Nindan busted some groovey, Umai nailed it and Leshanth broke a world record of not mentioning science once! Release wants you back real soon. We did some musical statues and chairs (Yeah The GIRLS won) had a good prance around to the Macarena and good old YMCA! Loved it! Thank you so much to those who lead this session. You have inspired us so much and hope we have taught you a few moves or two.

Reena Jaisiah – Release UK Project Leader

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