Touched twice by ONE-ness. Ekatva!

  Young people from Coventry Youth service, Caste Away Arts’ Release UK, Members of BOPA got the rare opportunity to experience Ekatva at Leicester Peepul Centre and the Drum Theatre in Birmingham. 

The production by the young protégées of India conveyed the message One-ness with the universal language of dance-drama. There were no fancy sets and backdrops just pure talent and professionalism from the amazing performers. They used physical theatre to  perfection and their choreography was flawless!  Inspired by Gandhi and Martin Luther king’s teachings of equality and snippets of inspiring people that had one thought that one thought made a change  in the word. We were in total awe of the message and fell in love with each and every performer who kindly gave us garlands on arrival and small broaches that were made by their mothers that they had left in India to be with us. Meeting them at the end was a real privilege. They feel like our extended family. Krishana’s cute laugh, Asha’s sincere hug, Sanjay’s exchange of teaching us Gurarai for Tamil and Vicky’s not so inncoent cheeky smile.

At the end of the show the audience and cast connecting with each other by holding hands, seemed a little weird because we have become desensitised and accustomed to putting up barriers that it all felt a little unreal. But it was touching experience. The one thing I would change is for the young people themselves to have had an input into the creative process as opposed to been taught it. Would have added so much to the experience if they had an input into the writing and ideas but they are all equipped for next time.  Thank you a million x

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