CHAK DE! We met Apache Indian

Young members of Caste Away Arts’ Release UK Programme have been taking part in accelerated learning that this involves trips and experiences that promote social skills and learning to network. Leshanth (12), Gem (13) and Vaishali (13) attended a conference for the first time did the initial meet and greet which was praised by members of BOPA (British Organisation for people of Asian Origin). This Coventry held conference covered the promotion of community cohesion, solidarity and integrations with a celebration of the achievements made by people of oh Asian origin. One of those achievers is Apache Indian a childhood here of mine hero-Apache Indian who stormed into the charts during the early 90’s and had a huge success with his Bhangramuffin style and singing in patosis and bits of Punjabi. What we appreciate about Apache is his ability to create catchy tunes while making social criticism- something that resonates with the Caste Away Arts ethos e.g – ‘Arranged Marriages’ and ‘The caste system’ are some of few song that Apache has made an enormous patch on. Well done to his recent award for  It was a pleasure for me and our young members to meet him. Chak de!

Reena Jaisiah & team

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