Release UK finally Tread the Boards!

 Release UK finally got their first shot at the stage on the 14th July at Civic Hall in Bedworth town centre with the Tamil Welfare Association whom hosts their annual celebrations and put on a variety show of Tamil Arts and literature. This lasts pretty much all day till the early hours of the morning but hey it’s all fantastic stuff!

Release UK performed their devised drama called ‘Breaking the Silence’ inspired by the groups own writing that tackled injustice to communities that suffer human rights abuses. The sketch was a black comedy which was daring for the first time but here there apart of Caste Away Arts so what else would you expect. There was a song, sound scapes, mini sketches and mime. A real winner with the audience whom were drawn in from beginning to end despite the group only having 5 hours to devise the piece in a space of 6 weeks they nailed it beautifully. They had no choice really as I have been threatened to throw them in the wheelie bin since day one.

It was a real honour to receive my golden robe by the Tamil welfare Association but the real honour has been working with the young people. A Huge shoat out to Anupriya – you were amazing and have held this performance together! Umai- you were excellent and loved the quick costume change. Kavin- you have a big mouth and it helped with tonight’s show well done. Vaishaly you are exceptionally talented and don’t know how you do show after show, your amazing. Chowmia your story was the pinnacle to this show thank you for speaking out you are so brave. Nothiga- I know you were ill but you did great anyway you trooper. Abilan- a huge well done and great voice and improvisation tonight. Melanie you were super star and had great projection. Thavin despite chasing you up 100 times you were really good.  Rensil- great work, remember me please…. Anna thank you for joining in good work, Mary great stuff once again,  Leshanth-excellent effort as always to the power of 59!  Vishahan- I could have killed you tonight as you got on my nerves but the stage brings out the best in you so well done. Nithisa- your poems were the inspiration, thanks. Niveetha -well done you have worked so hard and Jem- you killed it tonight! You’re a very dedicated member.  And an EXTRA  thanks to Jese who more or less did my job but better. This show would not have been a success without your support. Thank you and much love…zzzzzzz

Reena Jaisiah x

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