Epic Educational Performance!


On Saturday 15th  2012 at  the Coventry’s Railway club, Caste Away Arts’ Release UK group performed another epic sketch for a charity function in order to help raise money for building school in Punjab.

This piece called ‘Children are what they live’ challenged the view that education is all about grades, competition  and being a book worm but actually about getting out and experiencing the world and being a citizen of the world and applying the knowledge that you know. I guess everyone was expecting a cheesy performance about how good it is to study …  a sentiment we echo but Caste Away Arts always takes it one step further as we embraces a holistic approach to education.

The short comedy was about a dictator teacher who treats his students badly and runs off leaving his students when it starts to thunder. Mrs Pupinder a supply teacher comes to the rescue and is shocked at the austere conditions that the kids study in so she decides to adds a bit of fun (the forbidden F word). The kids try and rebel against the teacher but give her a chance when she orders them to step outside into the real world. When they return the truth hurts such as there is such thing as readymade roti’s and you could have cheated all this time instead of ensure years of nagging. There is also such thing as rain…remember these kids are very sheltered and for one the experience was just too much.  

A great reception and the sketch really livened up the place. A huge well done to Anypriya’s gripping performance as the super supply teacher. Vishahan stole the audiences attention with his dictator like teaching character who has a long name that I cannot spell. ‘Vaishallay your character was cool and singing brilliant because I couldn’t contain my laughter- How professional of me! Leshanth didn’t have to say much, your stage presence sure won some hearts. Plus if at least we found a way to get that hiden voice out (Getting Vishahan to tickle you)  and a massive well don’t to the fab Villashine who returned to Release UK to help us. Thanks you so much guys and I just want to say how wonderful it was to perform with you and actually I have learned so much from you Fam!

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