Any Volunteers?

The young Caste Away Arts community are always up for an experience and Sunday 11th of August was defiantly one to remember.


We offered to volunteer at a charity event for Vista; an organisation that supports people with visual impairments and those who are losing their sight. This Jazz Garden party event was held at Belviour Lodge which is the residence of the Dowager Duchess of Rutland! Seeing it was in Leicestershire we thought we’d have a pop at it and give back to the community…it’s not too far! Well the ride there was nothing short of a drama which is the least to expect when you’re Caste Away Arts. So I had Mario, Anupriya, Leshanth and Vaisshaly in the car and where is this place. We were been directed at all these windy country rounds and then an hour and 15 min into the journey I took at look at my petrol gage and it was almost empty. Arrgggh! What a plava trying to find a petrol station but we did in the end only to have the Sat Nav conk our on us. Glad these guys saw the real funny side to my mellow drama. But nonetheless we made it though we were tired, cold and a little hungry. The lodge was one of the most beautiful scenic places we had ever seen, dressed in black and white and ready to serve along with the other volunteers organised by a friend in the arts Anand Bhatt.

All praise to the young people who not only worked relentlessly as a team but as one family like they had been doing this all their lives. They took real pride in serving, cleaning and washing up. We took charge of serving cream tea and the barbecue as well as guide guest around the gardens. Their social skills and interaction between visitors was amazing. Wonderful day indeed and very proud of the young people who represent caste away arts with this selfless service and they truly took away not only valuable experience but life’s skills.  The previous week to this all these young people had completed their CRP training which really surprised the older volunteers who probably would not have known what to do in a crisis. Caste Away Arts youth as always left and lasting impression and can’t wait to find out how much money was raised for Vista. We will be back next year and hopefully take a mini bus of young people.

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