Our first Book Publication!

20170923_192606 (1)Hey guys, it been long. Totally forgot to post this out. Our biggest achievement to date! Many years ago I set up a drama club as a volunteer for young people torn up by war. The group called themselves Release UK and it was a safe platform for young people to play, express themselves and explore their identity.  The group came up with the idea of voicing the experiences of their families through poetry and and short stories. So I started work shopping and so much sprouted out. This journey was only only a voice for the young people but the experience was very cathartic for the families. Then we got a little stuck with how to go about publishing this collection but in summer 2017 we did it! Camboga’s  Scream out Silence’ was launched the Comfy book club in Coventry and what a lovely reunion it was.  I am very proud of my kiddies. They are all grown up now and some at university. A huge well done to you all.   This book is available libraries and copies have been donated to schools. Oh yes forgot to mention Benjamin Zephaniah wrote the foreword! My G

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