The Fifth Cup – The sell-out Stage Play

“This thought provoking, inter-generational play has plenty of laugh-out-loud moments and guarantees to touch the hearts of everyone who sees it”
The Drum Theatre – Birmingham

“It took a fresh look at the complex issues of identity.”
Maidenhead Advertiser

The Fifth Cup is the story of fifteen year old Amrit Singh who, along with the rest of his family, moves to a new city to make a fresh start.

All is going well until Amrit makes a shocking discovery about his past. From then on his world is turned upside down.

The Singh family find themselves being shunned by the local community and cracks start to appear in their once strong, family unit.

Will Amrit be able to overcome the prejudice surrounding him? And will the Singh family need to run away from their secrets yet again?

Fifth Cup Flyer

Based on true life experiences, Caste Away Arts first play, The Fifth Cup, gave a poignant insight into caste discrimination within the British-Asian community. The production premiered in December 2007 at The Drum Theatre in Birmingham, where it sold out and receved fantastic feedback. In Autumn 2008 Caste Away Arts took The Fifth Cup on a successful national tour which included the following venues: Windsor Theatre Royal in Berkshire, The Drum in Birmingham, The Peepul Centre in Leicester and Featherstone Auditorium in Southall, Middlesex.

The premiere and the tour were was sponsored in part by Arts Council and Awards for All Lottery Funding, and supported by CasteWatchUK.

There is continuing demand for The Fifth Cup to be staged again, in the UK as well as in India and Canada. The Fifth Cup is one of those timeless inter-generational plays which will make an impact on those who see it for years to come, even if the problem of caste discrimination is eliminated (which is what we are striving towards). So watch this space!

The Fifth Cup and Caste Away Arts in the press:

New Statesman – 3rd January 2008

“Caste-ridden Britain”

“Reena Jaisiah of the campaigning theatre company Caste Away Arts, whose play The Fifth Cup was a sell-out last month in Birmingham, believes the Asian community has a responsibility to stop stratifying itself. “I don’t think it’s right for matrimonial websites to have a ‘caste’ option,” she says, referring to one of the areas where caste is most keenly felt. Although marriages between middle and higher castes are on the rise, only 25 per cent of Asian marriages take place across caste lines, according to one estimate.” The full article can be found at: New Statesman

The Times of India – 10th December 2007

‘VIEW FROM LONDON: The shame of being ‘untouchable’ in Britain’

“’The Fifth Cup’ is written by Reena Jaisiah and Rena Annobil, both of whom claim to have been at the sharp end of casteist discrimination here in Britain.

Reena Jaisiah says she was “completely oblivious to what caste (I was)” till she turned 11. It was only after Sikh schoolmates repeatedly asked her that she sought clarification from her parents. “I discovered I was an untouchable… (I was) called nasty names, called an untouchable…” It was a devastating revelation.”

The full article can be found at: The Times Of India